Experience The ScribeNest Difference

Superior Physician-Scribe Relationship

Symbiotic, Pedagogical, Mentorship.

Unparalleled Emergency Department Experience

Work in busy cardiac, stroke and trauma centers.

Scribe Wellness Focused

Helping you shape a resilient future in medicine.

Unmatched Decades Of Scribe Experience

Get the best training and experience from seasoned professionals in the industry.

Interviews And Training By Physicians

Physicians actively participate in hiring and training our scribes.

Superior Pre-Health Experience

We open the doors to exciting opportunities in some of the busiest ERs in North Texas.

Founded By Scribes And Local Physicians

Our leadership understands both sides of the work force and wants to see you succeed no matter what career path you choose.

Flexible Shifts

We want to work with your school schedules! We have day, evening, and weekend hours with many locations across Dallas and Fort Worth.

Competitive Pay And Bonus Structure

Tiered pay and bonus aligned with tenure and shifts worked. The longer and harder you work, the more you will be rewarded for your contributions.

YOU Make A Difference

Every day, you help a physician deliver superior care to people in need in our community Emergency Departments. You help make a difference in patient’s lives every shift!

Flexible Shifts

We want to work with your school schedules! We have day, evening, and weekend hours with many locations across Dallas and Fort Worth.

Intense, Active Learning

We focus on teaching and mentoring our future healthcare comrades as they work in the Emergency Department

Learn Next-Level Multitasking

Improve your mental focus. Perfect your time management skills.

Introduction To A Multitude Of Medical Specialties

Get an early glimpse of potential career paths as you see how the Emergency Department physicians work with Trauma surgeons, Radiologists, ICU physicians, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and so many more!

Make Lifelong Mentors And Friends

Our scribe community comes together, fostering your future. We love hearing back from scribes as they go on achieve amazing new things.


Know About ScribeNest

  • Is A Local, Doctor Owned Company With Particular Focus On Taking Care Of Scribes.
  • Provides An Essential Medical Service While Helping You One Day Be A Better Doctor, Nurse, Or PA Through Our Training And Mentoring.


Interested In Joining Our Team?

At ScribeNest we know that a happy scribe is a great scribe. When you join ScribeNest, we’ll ensure you have a great experience by providing:


  • Physician taught, industry leading training on clinical documentation, electronic health records and more.
  • A focused Emergency Department experience that allows for the best learning opportunities available
  • One to one mentoring from experienced healthcare professionals.
  • A convenient work schedule compatible with your schooling.
  • Competitive pay with regular raises and bonuses.


What Medical Scribes Have To Say

If I could give one piece of advice to anyone seeking a career in medicine, it would be to spend at least a year scribing.

Katherine Y. – MD

I would not be the nurse I am now if it weren’t for scribing!

Tara K. – ER RN